Caregiver & Child Swim 

Caregiver & Child Swim (all ages)
Our instructors will guide caregivers in an introduction to the water through play, songs, activities, and games. Caregivers should take into consideration their child’s comfort in the water, readiness for small group environments, and ability to progress through a 30-minute class. 




Swimmer characteristics at this level: 

Exit assessment skills: 

If your child can complete the skills in this column they are ready for the next level.

Caregiver & Child Indoors (at The Essex Resort & Spa)

Caregiver & Child Outdoors (at Sand Hill Pool)

To acclimate beginner swimmers to the pool with the security and assistance of their caregiver. 


-Swimmer & Caregivers are able to enter and exit the water comfortably.

-Swimmer & Caregiver like to get wet.

-Caregivers are prepared to follow directions from the instructor to guide their child.

-Swimmer is comfortable attending a class without their caregiver.