Winter Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO RESIDENTS: The Town Highway crew is operating at a significantly reduced capacity due to COVID-19 staffing levels. The objective is to try to keep roads open for travel, even if the full road width cannot be plowed. The crew does not have the capability at this time to open up the road close to mailboxes and driveways and some walkways may not be plowed that are identified to be plowed. We ask that residents and businesses pitch in and assist both their neighbors and the Town to clear these areas until such time as more of the Town workforce is available.

Winter Parking Ban

The Winter Parking Ban takes effect on December 1st and continues through April 1st. During this time period, it is illegal to leave unattended vehicles on public streets between midnight and 7 a.m.

This ban is regardless of weather conditions.

Winter Reminder

Basketball hoops and similar items which may have been placed in Town rights-of-way over the summer need to be removed as soon as possible to facilitate snow removal. Please note that the right-of-way in most residential neighborhoods extends 25 to 30 feet from the centerline of the road.

Winter Operations Plan

This plan addresses the wintertime Essex Public Works operations for ice and snow control on Town roads and sidewalks. It also identifies essential community services provided by the Essex Public Works Department for winter water and sewer emergencies and discusses wintertime coordination between Town departments. Please see the full Winter Operations documents below for detailed information.

Questions, Requests for Service & Complaints

Questions Regarding the Policy or requests for service/complaints should be directed to the Essex Public Works Offices during office hours and to the Essex Police Department during all other hours.