Green Up Day 2023 Results

This year’s Green Up Day effort was reduced due to more people being involved with the Little League event being held at Foster Road Park. Our crew that worked the event consisted of 4 Public Works employees and a Parks and Rec employee. We served grilled hot dogs, chips, cookies and some soda.

709 bags were handed out to 487 volunteers. The total tonnage of trash picked up in the Town was 1.51 tons of mixed trash and over 80 tires. Last year, the pick-up from the Town was 2.12 tons and approximately 100 tires. 

The Town appreciates the efforts of all individuals and staff who participated and hope that their efforts to keep the roadsides clear of trash will continue throughout the year.

Additional Information

The accumulation of trash along the roadsides and in streams is an ongoing problem and everyone needs to do their part.  It is especially important to keep waste material out of our waterways, including pet waste. Information on what you can do as an individual during the rest of the year can be found at, a web site dedicated to cleaning storm-water in Chittenden County. 

During the year, if a resident is aware of a particular non-residential site that needs clean-up, please contact the Town Public Works Department at 878-1344.  


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