Information to Remember

  • When a report is made to the police the victim's and/or family's options remain open; it is not a commitment to go to court. The court process is another process that includes the cooperation and input of the family with the prosecutor's office.
  • Sexual assault exams at a doctor's office or hospital are free of charge.
  • Reporting helps the authorities gain information on offenders and ultimately prevent a repeat offense from occurring. Statistics show that many people who commit sexual assaults are often repeat offenders.
  • A Victim Advocate is on staff at our office to assist victims and their families with counseling services, keeping families up-to-date on the status of a case, and providing support in time of despair.
  • Pursuant to a crime being committed, a Victim's Compensation Fund has been established to assist victims in paying for therapy treatments. Contact our Victim Advocate for more information.
  • In cases where a uniquely formidable challenge exists, a multi-disciplinary team meets on a monthly basis in Chittenden County to provide care diagnosis, comprehensive treatment plans, or coordination of services pursuant to the treatment plan.