Vermont Automated Notification Service (VANS)

When it comes to an offender's status everyone has the right to know. The Vermont Automated Notification Service known as VANS is a free, confidential, service that provides information and notification to victims of crime and members of the community.

Registration Process

Just click on the "Search and Register" tab to begin the registration process. You can register to be called or emailed when there is a change in the offender's custody status including releases, re-incarcerations or transfers. Pick a 4 digit PIN code that is easy to remember and when you get a call, enter the PIN code, and the calls will stop.

Registration is open to anyone, but if you are a direct victim and or an affected person we ask that you register your name and address along with a phone number and/or email address. There may be situations where a member of the Department of Corrections staff will want to contact you personally.


If you have questions, wish to change your registration information or customize your notifications, call the Department of Correction's Victim Services Office, Monday through Friday 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The telephone number is 1-888-810-1847 or after hours call the 24 hour VANS operator toll free 1-866-976-8267 or 1866-976-VANS.