Cyber Bullying

This section of the Essex Police Department web page is dedicated to providing you with information, statistics, help, tips and tricks dealing with one of the newest types of crimes: Cyber Bullying.

What Is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is the use of technology such as the Internet, computers, personal digital assistants (PDA) and cell phones to degrade or humiliate another person or group. Cyber bullying can be practiced directly, as when a hateful message is sent directly to a target victim, or indirectly, as when a message, website or photograph is sent to other who later use it to bully the target victim. Cyber bullying is most often done using: 

  • Cell Phone Text
  • Chat Rooms
  • Email
  • Instant Messaging
  • Photo Messages
  • Web Logs ("Blogs")
  • Websites