Property Room

This division is critical to supporting investigations, assisting in successful prosecution at criminal and civil trials, in facilitating the timely return of property to its rightful owners, and in maintaining the public's confidence and trust. The Police Department, in conjunction with the Evidence Technician(s), is responsible for protecting all property submitted as evidence and for maintaining an uninterrupted chain of custody. Evidence control is maintained by a records management computer system. Security measures ensure restricted access and inspections provide ongoing review of control procedures, correct and secure labeling, and continued organized status of evidence rooms.

Evidence Technicians are also responsible for holding property submitted to the police as "found" or personal property for safe keeping. Found property is held for 90 days with a reasonable effort made to find the identity of the owners. Personal property for safe keeping will only be held for 90 days. Citizens looking for "lost/found" property can also check the Essex Police Found Property page.

The Evidence Technicians can be reached at 802-879-4923.

Claiming Property

To claim property that you believe our department has in our possession, please contact Sergeant Robert Hall at the Essex Police Department at 802-878-8331.