Concealed Carry

There is no Vermont state law regulating concealed carry of firearms and so no permit is required. However, it is prohibited to carry firearms into many buildings such as schools, courts and many federal buildings so please educate yourself about where you can and can not carry.

Gun Permits 

The Essex Police Department will not sign Gun Application forms that indicate the applicant is a good person or in good standing. Specifically we will not sign ATF Form 4 or other similar applications to purchase, carry, collect, store firearms or firearm related materials such as:

  • Large capacity ammo magazines
  • Machine-guns
  • Silencers
  • Suppressors
  • Etc.


You can obtain Vermont Criminal History records checks through the Vermont Crime Information Center.

Additional Information

List of Reasons Why People Can’t Possess Firearms per the Gun Control Act 18 USC 922(g) 

For more information visit ATF’s official website.