Voting Results

2023 Town Meeting

Number of voters on Checklist:  8,781  
Number of voters checked in March 6, 2023 town meeting:  159                     
Number of votes cast March 7, 2023 Australian ballot voting (includes absentee):  965

Results of March 6, 2023 floor vote: 

Article I. Shall the reports of the Officers be accepted? PASSED BY VOICE VOTE

Article II. Shall the Town of Essex vote on all public questions by Australian ballot? PASSED BY VOICE VOTE

(Note: Articles III and IV were discussion only items)

Results of March 7, 2023 Australian ballot vote:

Article V. Shall the Town adopt a budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 as recommended by the Selectboard in the amount of $15,401,152? Yes: 657   No: 303   Blank: 5

Article VI. Shall the Town of Essex increase the Capital Reserve Fund by adding 1 cent to the tax rate, in addition to the two cents previously authorized, for the purpose of financing capital projects?  Yes: 604   No: 356   Blank: 5 

Article VII.  Shall the Town of Essex reorganize its charter as recommended by the Charter Review Committee? Yes: 770   No: 162   Blank: 33

Article VIII.  Shall the Town of Essex amend its charter to have the authority to adopt and enforce ordinances for the purposes of regulating, licensing, and fixing reasonable and necessary license fees?  Yes: 748   No: 197   Blank: 20

Article IX.  Shall the Town of Essex amend its charter to give the Selectboard the power to enact an ordinance to protect residential tenants from eviction without just cause?  Yes: 570   No: 383   Blank: 12

Article X.  Shall the Town of Essex amend its charter to allow for the recall of Selectboard members?  Yes: 666   No: 266   Blank: 33

Article XI.  Shall the Town of Essex amend its charter to create a Development Review Board to replace the Zoning Board of Adjustment by January 1, 2025, following passage by the Vermont Legislature?   Yes: 763   No: 175   Blank: 27

Article XII.  Election of the following:
Moderator, 1 vacancy (1-year term)
Selectboard, 2 vacancies (3-year terms)

Moderator(1): (write-in)  John Sonnick   106
                                          Write in               10
                                          Blank:               785

Selectboard (2): Ethan Lawrence:  664
                             Andy Watts:         794

                             Write ins:               21
                             Blank:                   451 

Attest:    Susan McNamara-Hill, Town Clerk