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Middle School Supported Learning Spaces

At Maple Street Park: (802) 404-6641

At Essex Teen Center: (802) 404-6618


Rec Kids/Vacation Camps

Summit Street School: (802) 238-4190

Maple Street Park: (802) 922-2178

Hiawatha: (802) 881-8885

Fleming: (802) 881-2213

Essex Elementary School: (802) 404-6606

Founders Memorial School: (802) 404-6605

Westford: (802) 404-6607

Please note that these phone numbers apply to all school-year programs that happen at these sites, including Vacation Camps.

Maureen Gillard

School Age Childcare Director: Staff and Programs

Alyssa Callan

School Age Childcare Director: Administration

Rosy Gallo

School Age Childcare Assistant Director

Afterschool Enrichment

(802) 735-6701

Betsy Hoffmeister

Program Director: Youth Enrichment