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The Town and Village Community Development Departments and the Economic Development Commission welcome you to celebrate this year’s Small Business Saturday® by participating in the community-wide Stay Safe & Save local gift card promotion.

What is the Stay Safe & Save gift card promotion?

It is a retail promotion to elevate the values of each business’s gift card option during this resurgent phase of the pandemic. It is a safe, simple option that provides local households with great gift options and our local businesses an infusion of revenue, now. 

Since gift cards are in nearly every Essex business’s tool box, they allow each business a simple option to offer their motivated gift-giving customers the opportunity to give friends and family what they really want -- a chance to experience and shop the whole store but under safer circumstances or in safer times.

Participating businesses will promote their version of the Stay Safe & Save gift card options. Each will offer at least 10% to 25% range of discount(s) as gift card denominations, for at least 1 day (Small Business Saturday, November 28th).

Each participating business is certainly free to add additional promotional incentives and extend the dates they will honor the published discount rates at the Small Business Saturday levels.

We trust the Stay Safe & Save promotion will bring a timely infusion of revenue into your business as the calendar turns toward the December holidays. Customer sales will be motivated by the safe, sure and local solution it offers their search for stocking surprises, ideal thank you gifts to friend, hiking companions, to their children’s teachers, and the essential workers who provided some level of normalcy throughout this year.

Since many of the Essex community's small businesses offer gift cards, which are a safe way for customers to support you during the pandemic, we encourage you to promote gift cards this holiday shopping season. However, any type of special, deal, or savings is welcome.

Sign up to help us promote your business throughout the Essex community! This will also help us contact you about future events, resources, and initiatives important to the Essex business community.

By signing up, it is understood you will be offering your customers 10% to 25% savings for gift cards on Small Business Saturday. Additional promotions are your option.

Learn more about the Essex Economic Development Commission and how we can support your business. For questions about Small Business Saturday in Essex, contact Owiso Makuku,, (802) 878-1343.

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