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Posted on: June 13, 2022

Notice to Taxpayers of 2022 Lodging of the Abstract 2022 Grand List

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Agreeably to the provisions of Title 32, Vermont Statutes Annotated, Section 4111, notice is hereby given that the undersigned Assessor within and for the Town of Essex and Village of Essex Junction has this day completed the abstract of property owners as of the first day of April 2022. The Assessor has this same day lodged the abstract in the office of the clerk for the inspection of taxpayers on the 13th day of June 2022, at 8:00 a.m.

All grievances must be in writing and submitted to the Assessor on or before June 27, 2022, via email, postage, or drop off lock box located at 81 Main Street, Essex Junction, VT. Owners will need to provide an email address or phone number when submitting the written grievance, along with documents supporting what they feel is the fair market value of the subject property. Property owners may conduct their grievance solely in writing but may also request a hearing to present their case.

Grievances received or postmarked after 4:00pm on Monday, June 27, 2022, will not be heard. 

If requested, the Assessor will contact the property owner(s) with a scheduled grievance time and information for the scheduled hearing. Note: Grievers must be the owner(s) of record as of April 1st but can assign a new owner or other agent to be their representative. A signed statement from the owner of record that grants the representative permission to grieve must be provided by the time of the grievance hearing.

For your convenience an online grievance application can be obtained via

Grievance hearings will be held on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, in person or via video or phone call from 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. If the scheduled grievance hearing is in person, it will be held in the first-floor conference room at the Town of Essex Offices located at 81 Main Street, Essex Junction, VT.

At the close of grievance hearings, the Assessor shall make such corrections in the abstract as were determined upon hearing or otherwise. Unless cause to the contrary is shown, the contents of said abstract will, for the tax year 2022, become the grand list of the Town of Essex and Village of Essex Junction of each taxpayer named therein.

Signed at Essex, in the County of Chittenden this 13th day of June 2022.
Karen Lemnah, Assessor, Town of Essex, Village of Essex Junction

*Abstract Grand List will be posted on the Town of Essex Website > Assessor Webpage on June 13, 2022 Assessing Department | Essex, VT (

**The 2022 Final Grand List will not be posted online until after the grievance hearings are complete: estimated time July 18th.

The above notice as a downloadable document

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