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  1. What's Your Cybersecurity IQ?

    Can you spot the red flags of a phishing attack? Do you know how to avoid malicious links? Take his quiz and find out just how cyber-savvy you really are!

  2. 1. Which of the following would be the best password (hardest to crack)?
  3. 2. TRUE or FALSE: Attachments should always be treated with caution, even if you know the sender.
  4. 3. When visiting your favorite website, a pop-up appears that reads "You have won a free Apple iPad!" What should you do?
  5. 4. Which website URL is legitimate?
  6. 5. You receive an email that says your PayPal account has been suspended pending confirmation of your personal information. The PayPal logo is in the body of the email, and the email is addressed "Dear Customer". The sender email is Service@PayPal- What should you do?
  7. 6. You receive an email from a co-worker with an attachment. The subject line reads "Please See Attached Document". The email contains no further information. What should you do?
  8. 7. You receive a text message warning you that your bank account has been suspended. If says that you must click on the link in the SMS and update your credentials with the next 24 hours. Is this message safe or unsafe?
  9. 8. Which of the following is NOT a smart way to test a suspicious link?
  10. 9. TRUE or FALSE: Using two-factor authentication is not an effective tool for securing your accounts.
  11. 10. What is the only true guarantee against data loss due to a cyberattack such as ransomware?
  12. 11. Which of these is a possible cause of a data disaster?
  13. 12. TRUE or FALSE: I have anti-virus protection, so when it comes to network security, I'm all set.
  14. 13. TRUE or FALSE: Cybersecurity is IT's responsibility. The everyday endusers in the office don't need to worry about this topic.
  15. 14. TRUE or FALSE: Software and application updates are not important and can just be ignored.
  16. 15. TRUE or FALSE: Major companies like Netflix, Google, PayPal and FedEx are often the spoofed sender of phishing messages.
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